News Team's in-house journalists are available 24/7 to cover leading stories as they happen, for local, national & international media organisations.

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When it comes to news related PR, so many agencies get it wrong - News Team is different, they have an inspirational approach and provide us with the right material in every way.

Lynne Cullen / Picture Editor, The Independent

Media Services


News Team has a dedicated and enthusiastic team of round-the-clock journalists, who are on hand to cover the biggest stories as they happen.

With a wealth of experience at our fingertips, our reporters are experienced at handling breaking news, whilst also possessing the skills to cover specialist areas (eg. court cases, inquests and tribunals)

Whether it's hard or soft news, our team has experience of writing for a variety of publications and audiences, commissioned daily by leading newspapers and specialist publications.

At News Team we pride ourselves on:

  • Professional approach
  • Committed and flexible journalists
  • The ability to identify exclusive stories
  • Experience to handle sensitive stories
  • Experience of working with publications on a national or local level
  • An exceptional reputation, built over 20 years of working with the major national newspapers

To commission a reporter or to discuss a service contract, please contact

News Desk: +44 (0)121 246 5116